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200 w moving head light beam
200 w lamp light beam is a new high performance and high light moving head light, it is only 200 w power but can send out the equivalent of nine times the power of the brightness of the incredible. It's like a laser beam focused light beam and sharp. 
Effect light

200 w 5 r beam lights

Light source is optional: optimal light MSD Platinum 5 r/Philip UHP 189 w, 200 w r/Philips MSD Platinum 5 r 189 w

The input voltage: AC90-240 - v 50/60 hz

Consumed power: 200 w

Display: red/blue LED dot matrix display

Or LCD display Reversing, according to a 180 can record time and lamp bulb use the use of time

Control protocol: DMX512

Channel: 16 ch

In pieces the optical system

Lens: the triad high precision optical lens group

The linear dimming: 0-100%

Stroboscopic: bilateral knife stroboscopic highest frequency can be 13 times per second

And you can choose random stroboscopic and pulse frequency flash

The beam Angle: horizontal beam Angle of 0 to 3.8 °

Prism: 8 prism rotating prism effect

Focus: electronic focusing

Spray atomization: 0% - 0%

Mixer movement Angle

Horizontal: 540 ° scan) (160 - bit precision electronic error correction

Vertical scanning: 270 ° (scan) 16 bit precision electronic error correction

Mixer design & color

Pattern piece: 17 pattern piece, with two-way rotary rainbow effect and the effect of pattern jitter

Color color piece dish: 14 with bi-directional rotation, panchromatic half and rainbow effect of color,

Panchromatic and half color walk two mode switches

Mixer appearance

Shell: black or white optional (private)

Connection lamps and lanterns: 3 - pin signal input and output, the power input

Cooling system: cooling fan and aluminum heat sink

Mixer security certificate

Certification: CE

Working environment: indoor

Working environment temperature: - 20 ℃ to 40 ℃

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