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China's semiconductor lighting industry rapid development
Release Date:[2014/6/17 17:18:00]   Total read [1313] Times

Since launched in 2003, the semiconductor lighting engineering, ministry of science and technology in the research plan, 863 plan of science and technology in the field of new materials has supported the technology innovation and industrialization of semiconductor lighting, semiconductor lighting industry and technology in China has made significant progress, initially formed from upper materials, middle chip preparation, downstream device packaging and integrated application of relatively complete system of research and development and industry, has entered into the phase of rapid development.

1, the industrialization of larger breakthrough in key technologies. With enterprise as the main body of the LED manufacturing technology progress faster, online after completing type power chip packaging enterprises industrialization photosynthetic efficiency of 80 ~ 100 lm/W. Power white LED encapsulation type has reached the international advanced level. With independent intellectual property rights after power type silicon substrate LED chips encapsulation of photosynthetic efficiency reach 78 lm/W, in the international advanced level.

2, industry begun to take shape, increasingly complete industrial chain, one of the leading enterprises in the international market application. By the end of 2009, there are more than 3000 LED enterprises in our country. Among them, the upper reaches of the extension and chip makers for more than 40, about 1000 middle packaging companies, 2000 downstream application products production enterprises. Private enterprises accounted for 85% of the total. In 2009 in the chip production rose by 25%, to 2.3 billion yuan, with 26% growth in 2008 were little changed. In 2009, our country LED encapsulation output &#118alue reached 20.4 billion yuan, up 10% from 18.5 billion yuan in 2008; Output has increased from 2008 in 94 billion to only 10%, to 105.6 billion, which highlighted the LED output &#118alue reached 18.6 billion yuan, accounting for 90% of total sales of LED. At the same time in terms of the structure of products and enterprises in domestic has improved substantially, SMD and high power LED packaging is growing rapidly. In 2009, China's semiconductor lighting application output &#118alue reached 60 billion yuan. Despite the financial crisis, China's semiconductor lighting industry is still present development trend of the upturn in 2009, industry scale increased to 82.7 billion yuan, increased by nearly 20% and is expected to reach 100 billion yuan in 2010.

3, industry development environment improvement. From the ministry of science and technology launched in 2003, the semiconductor lighting engineering and to carry out the "ten city wan light" project in 2009, the six ministries and commissions such as the recent development and reform commission jointly issued guidance of industrial development, and post-crisis countries put forward to cultivate strategic emerging industries, suggests that the government is actively promoting the development of semiconductor lighting industry in China. Under the guidance and support of government policy, as the embodiment of the energy saving effect and the improvement of the performance of the devices, semiconductor lighting industry in China will enter a rapid development stage, the market potential is tremendous, will drive the industrial upgrading. In order to promote technology integration innovation, accelerate the achievement industrialization, strengthen the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, national semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry alliance (hereinafter referred to as the alliance) through the establishment of industry research and development funds, a major demonstration project of the Olympic Games, held innovation contest, standard coordinate, to set up the patent pool, set the industry-university-institute cooperation platform, improve the efficiency and level of technological innovation, promote the implementation of major projects. Effective union standard coordinate work, eight national standard and 9 industry standard has been officially released, to support "ten city wan light" pilot work, alliance has complete, tunnel lights, LED road lighting products as well as the road and tunnel lighting products supervision, inspection and installation acceptance rules, cold LED road lighting product specification such as the five recommended specification, at the same time is compiling indoor canister light, shoot the technical specifications, etc. Joint national testing agencies, in addition, the union has regularly released product testing data, for the local reasonably set the demonstration application performance of the product provides a scientific reference and release for the next step and is recommended to place the energy saving effect, finalize the design product catalog of prophase work. Union through proprietary technology standardization, standards, and formulate national semiconductor lighting patent strategy, study the deployment of patent network, explore the patent pool operation mode, to provide decision support for related department. The work of the alliance to expand the national semiconductor lighting development field of vision, caused the attention of the international community, to a domestic industry development has important influence.

Through the implementation of the national semiconductor lighting project, semiconductor lighting industry in China has established the important position in the world, especially the "ten city wan light" shows "by applying to promote scientific and technological innovation, giving play to the role of science and technology to support economic development, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction work" concept, made an enormous and far-reaching influence both at home and abroad. In addition, our country is a key raw material resources power semiconductor lighting, can the sustainable development of security industry. Semiconductor lighting industry investment intensity and risk is far lower than the microelectronics industry, has the characteristics of labor double intensive technology, suitable for China's national conditions, to be able to scale to create more employment opportunities.

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