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Lighting system communication from concept to solve
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I now to think of what are commonly used means of communication, roughly phone including: text, voice. Network clients include: QQ, MSN, fly in the autumn. Other internet-based communication, remote video communication, Email, etc., more and more complex, more and more diversified communication appear in our life and use. So, how to find a unified platform, the contents are included in it? Believe that unified communications solutions can give you more ideas!

Opinions vary what is unified communications?

What is a unified communications: unified communications (UC UnifiedCommunications) refers to the computer technology and the traditional communication technology into new communication mode, as a kind of solution and application, its core content is: let people no matter any time, any place, can be on any device, any network, data, images, and the free communication of sound. In other words, unified communications solutions will voice, fax, email, mobile short message and multimedia is an organic whole to all information and data such as types, thus bring people the freedom of choice and efficiency improvement. (for example, the traditional phone will be replaced to support client software based on soft phone screen.) IT differs from the network level of connectivity, but the application level of the people-oriented fusion and collaborative, below is the concept of a higher level, a new generation of communications and IT industry.


There are also several of the explanation for unified communications from the manufacturer.

cisco unified communications to further develop the concept of IP communication, using the SIP protocol (SessionInitiationProtocol) and including mobile solutions, and truly realize the unification of all kinds of communication and simplified - is not influenced by location, time, or equipment. Through unified communications solutions, the user can be carried out in accordance with the preferences at any time to communicate with each other, and can use any device through any media for communication. Unified communications will we commonly used multiple phone and equipment - as well as multiple network (fixed, Internet, cable, satellite and mobile) - together, in order to realize the independent of the location of the communication, promote the communication and business process integration, simplify operation and raise productivity and profits.

Microsoft: the traditional communication system the information transfer to the several different types of storage area - voice mail system, E-mail server, and the single machine running the fax machine - through the Exchange of unified message communication functions, various types of messages are stored in a unified system. For example, directly to voicemail message into your inbox. When you open the Outlook, can see by the email voice mail, thus provides a powerful new method, can more effectively collaborate. For example, you can forward voice mail or fax. Can even record notes in the voice mail message, or search the previous voice mail message. News won't block your screen! And so on, the author here no longer illustrates, but in general can be understood as the harmony in the form of a variety of communication with the person this, namely namely namely, namely now, reduce cost and improve efficiency is the biggest advantage.

Unified communications solutions

The unified communications major vendors is roughly: CISCO (CISCO), Microsoft, deal, nortel, IZO, WebEx this several, etc., all of them are international mainstream unified communications solution provider, there are many enterprise users are using their products, it in improving efficiency and saving cost for the enterprise to provide a lot of help.

The author found some information on unified communications solutions, we generally look at the below.

1 video conference, video conference for the user to build a global platform for the network multimedia conference, will you and your customers, workmates from time, geographical restrictions. Through the Internet, no matter when and where can easily for multiparty real-time communication face to face, provides you with an economic applicable network conference center.

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