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The lights light pollution may exacerbate air pollution
Release Date:[2014/6/17 17:32:44]   Total read [1247] Times

Looking at the night sky in the city, even though the sky was clear and can see the stars also have less and less, this is mainly due to the city caused by light pollution brought about by the nice bright light at night. However, scientists recently discovered that light pollution is not only can bring trouble to astronomers, even may lead to the global air pollution is becoming more and more serious.

According to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration (noaa), according to a study of a named nitrate chemicals (generally refers to nitrate anion) will be affected by the limitations and obstacles road lighting, the material can be broken down by the car and factory emissions of harmful gas.

Scientists of America's national oceanic and atmospheric administration, harald stark in Los Angeles, have conducted studies that show test, from buildings, streetlights, and utility of auto lamp light will have inhibitory effect on nitrate. "Our preliminary results show that the lights of the city can make clean slow down 7% in the night, and make the next day starting chemical ozone pollution caused by increased by 5%." Stark said. "we need more accurate on the impact of next quantitative, namely the second day of our city is actually how much ozone is generated. This job is very important, because many of the city is near the limit of the control level of ozone, so even a minimal response like this will have a great impact."

Although much more light than the sun's rays bleak, but still inconvenient adverse effects. Therefore, stark has come up with a possible solution, that is the color of the lights change to red, less affected but probably not practical to do so. Stark, there is another more simple remedy the lights illuminate direction down instead. Because of the less lights up, to the effect of nitrate in the atmosphere.

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