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Enterprise History
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In 2000,
Yakay Photoelectric Factory, is still at the factory a polishing the apprentice of a dream, but with the heart to the pursuit of dreams, founder of the q lighting factory, Mr Xia continuous efforts accumulate experience, by an ordinary apprentice to master lighting, lighting designer to stage lighting project, 6 years, with their own wisdom and diligence to write an article about the growth of enterprises struggle.

In 2006,
Mr Xia set up their own stage lighting equipment production workshop, changed its name to "q", the members only 17 people.

In 2008,
Yakay Photoelectric formally registered stage lighting equipment factory, lighting factory has begun to take shape, the production technology of a certain domestic advanced level, the member has reached more than 50 people.

In 2012,
With good corporate image, Yakay Photoelectric, continue to grow, q stage project engineering department was established, and then members has reached more than 90 people.

With the profound understanding of lighting products, constantly maintain with the international and domestic standards, regularly attend domestic lighting exhibition and technical seminars. Yakay Photoelectric with leading technology and rich experience, and strive to develop for the customer market competitiveness of new products, to design the perfect product. Along the way after many hardships but also harvested quite a lot...


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